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Our Program Model

Our program consists of five components: 

After School Coding Classes

Program participants attend after-school coding instruction sessions twice weekly throughout the school year. FourMonkeys has developed a full-stack web app curriculum that incorporates front-end, back-end and database technologies.

Soft Skill Development

Our program focuses on teaching kids soft skills as well as the technical skills. Learning how to work as a team, presenting, design, and even learning how to accept criticism are all invaluable skills that will serve our students 

Technical Portfolio

During nearly every after-school coding session, students save their projects on their public GitHub accounts. Technical projects not only allow students to further develop their newly acquired skills and put them into practice, but also provide a demonstration of content mastery to both prospective colleges and employers.

Monthly Professional Development Workshops

Each month, program participants visit a corporate partner office and meet with STEM industry professionals, FourMonkeys staff and volunteers to develop a variety of professional skills including resume construction and interview prep. In addition, students participate in a variety of industry-relevant case competitions and STEM exploratory projects (e.g. portfolio management case competitions and AGILE methodology activities).

Summer Internship

The culmination of the FourMonkeys program year is the project-based internship or consultancy which occurs during the summer following the school-year programming. Students work either on-site with an internship host or off-site on a consultancy project for a business client.

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