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Latin for Warrior - Bellator is an app that is designed to help remove some of the confusion from ADL Season 8!

Understanding how Adventure Check Points correlate to Levels. 

Convert your ADL Characters to Season 8

With easy to use options, convert any existing ADL Legal character from XP to ACP.

Options Include:

  • Round Up?

    • If your ACP is between two whole numbers, round up to the next highest or round down?​

  • Slow Progression

    • Want to take time and enjoy the roses? We'll half your earned ACP so you can enjoy the journey .​

  • Total ACP Earned

    • ACP earned from your current experience points. ​

  • Current Level

    • Based on your Total ACP earned, what level is your character. ​

    • Note: this may change based on your "Round Up?" selection. If you are close to leveling up and you have opted to round up, you may gain a level.  

  • ACP Towards gaining next level

    • After converting your XP to calculate your current ACP and level, how far are you towards gaining the next level?

  • Progress towards gaining next level

    • Do you need 4 or 8 ACPs?​


Problematic Items

What items are no longer legal and how should I handle them?


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Legal Stuff

This app was published under the following licences


The MIT License 

FourMonkeys, Copyright 2018

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